Manon Daniels Massari

Manon Daniels Massari 

freelance  author and artist / illustrator 

About Manon

I first began to think of writing and illustrating  a book for children when I immigrated with my husband and daughter to the land of Saints and Scholars - the beautiful  country of Ireland. 

Before leaving South Africa and going abroad I worked for 15 years as a Foundation Phase teacher at Saint John the Baptist Catholic School in Johannesburg.  The years I spent teaching children at this beloved school were to provide me with a great deal of insight into the wonderful world of these little children and their special, innocent outlook on life.  The creative impulse to put pen (and colour) to paper, surfaced when we found ourselves transported to the idyllic countryside of Wicklow, the Irish county that so well deserves its epithet of 'The Garden of Ireland'.

It was in this wonderfully peaceful and rich countryside that I found myself inspired to combine my years of experience as a teacher with my love of art.  The result was my first book, 'Lucy's Dreams', an illustrated book for children.   At present I am working on another book for children as well as illustrating a book of poetry.   


My artwork for the design of the heraldic symbol for the Society of Saint Pius X in Africa


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